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Our Recent Testimonials
  • I am almost in shock over the amount of good news I have received this week. I can't even describe to you how grateful I am for your program, and for always being there for me, thank you so much.

    Dorothy McCord

  • It was only when I started taking the cottage cheese mixture, that I saw results almost immediately and consistently.The pain disappeared and I felt better too. I am deeply grateful to Dr Budwig and all your work and support.

    Shirl - Cape Town, South Africa

  • I have put your information about the Budwig Center on my facebook page in hopes that it can help others who are in need of healing or want to prevent diseases.


  • First of all I would like to thank you for everything you did for my mom. We had an amazing experience, we are very thankful for everything you all did. Everyone went above and beyond our expectations.

    Adelaide Raposo, Canada

  • I was diagnosed with a tumor 16 months ago and the hospital told me I only had 7 months to live. I wanted to be treated naturally, so I went to the Budwig Center in Spain. I am still here! I STRONGLY RECOMENED THEM!

    Mrs L Sawyer, Chatham, England

  • It has been a very positive experience for us. We found the personal contact with the staff and the discussions very stimulating!

    Dr. Preuben H - Denmark

  • I feel it is no accident that I came upon a program that was appropriate for my situation. I thank you so much for all you are doing for me and others Dr. Jenkins. It means so much, the reliability and support.

    Connie D - USA

Alternative and Natural Tumor Treatments

Dr. Johanna Budwig Complementary Natural Anti-Tumor Progam

Discover Our Natural Anti-Tumor Progam That Gets Results

Dr Willner Patients that come to the BUDWIG CENTER discover the same thing that Dr. Willner, a medical doctor of 40 years experience stated in his book THE CANCER ANSWER.

"Over the years I have been given a lot of different advice as well, so when I heard about Dr Budwig’s protocol I too was very sceptical, until I tried it. Numerous, independent clinical cancer studies published in major medical journals world-wide confirm Dr. Budwig’s findings. Over 40 years ago Dr Budwig presented clear and convincing evidence, which has been confirmed by hundreds of other related scientific research papers since, that the essential fatty acids were at the core of the answer to the cancer problem.”

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The entire purpose of our approach teaches you how to correct the DNA production of cells. When a person has a degenerative disease, tumors or some other disease the cells now have damage to them and each day the body produces some an estimated 500 million new cells. These 'new cells' are a mirror image or 'photocopy' of the original cells.

If the original is damaged then the copy will be damaged or lacking as well. That is why we need to correct the 'original document', the DNA. Otherwise it will keep on producing millions and trillions of defective 'copies'.

The Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese of Dr. Johanna Budwig as well as the ultra high nutritional formula TRICAN® corrects the original "document" or DNA of the cells with a blast of ultra high nutrition. That way the DNA will now start producing healthy cells instead of distorted and diseased cells. That is the real solution to disease.

With degenerative diseases and tumors, there is never even a day to waste. This "fast track" potent protocol that we will explain to you, when followed properly to date has been reported to have an 80% - 93% success rate (based on the published results of Dr. Budwig and our years of helping countless people with degenerative diseases and tumor activity.) We do not have a "one size fits all" approach. The first thing we do is a 'total body scan' right from the beginning using our high tech energetic VEGA testing device. VEGA test is the best of German technology that offers the most accurate diagnosis that will pinpoint exactly "why" you have this illness and the "original" cause.

The VEGA Testing device of BIO MEDIC CLINIC will determine if your illness is caused by hormonal imbalance, or nutritional deficiencies, negative emotional trauma, dental problems, congested liver/gallbladder/kidneys, chemical or related to an accident and/or some of all these factors.

Apparently there are some 600 natural degenerative diseases and anti-tumor remedies being offered on the Internet. Some have reported excellent results using some or several of them. However selecting at random remedies here and there is really just a 'guessing game' and when a person has a serious disease, there is no time to waste with a 'trial and error approach'. Not only does it get expensive but one's very life is at danger. Even most clinics have a sort of "box of remedies" they use on everyone who has the same basic type of illness. However we are all unique, no one is exactly like you. Your fingerprint, blood, DNA, etc., is exclusive to you. Therefore as each body is different and the causes of the disease vary (sometimes emotional factors are more the cause than physical) the BIO MEDIC CLINIC will test and prepare a 'personalized' program based on what our VEGA full body scan says your body needs to heal. We believe this very personalized approach is the "medicine of the future" and that is why we have such outstanding positive results.

Once we know what the "cause" of your illness is then we can go from there. The body is a "whole" and treating just a tumor or a headache or arthritis in one area and not correcting the other organs, emotions, viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, bad teeth, circulatory system, etc, etc, the healing cannot really take place.

People who take only part of the program and mix and match with other programs usually do not get such good results. Our approach is much like a fine tuned watch that needs all the parts and requires an accurate adjustment to work right. The combination of ultra high nutrition, selected herbs, 100% pure selected essential oils and foods, in the right proportion as well as cleansing and detoxifying the body is the key. With degenerative diseases and tumors or any serious illness one does not have time to "reinvent the wheel" and "experiment" with several different "remedies". Using a time test approach that combines several successful holistic approaches in the field of alternative medicine clearly puts one in the best possible position to regain your vibrant health.


Dr. Royal Rife was a microbiologist who knew that degenerative diseases and tumors were caused by very unique viral microbes which were inside of the diseased cells. Dr Rife called them BX and BY viruses. Therefore the BIO MEDIC clinic will recommend a therapy that will effectively de-vitalizes pathogens (parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses) using the RIFETIME frequency generator machine.

Other contributing causes of degenerative diseases and tumors: Nutritional (Mineral) deficiency - Research and countless testimonials indicate that all illnesses are the result of a nutritional deficiency, especially to the nervous system, the result is a neurological deficiency. The baseline of degenerative diseases is simply the deviation of mineral proportions and the resulting electromagnetic relationships relative to the attraction/repulsion. This nutritional deficiency causes structural changes in the amino acid, hormones, biofeedback communication, all cellular nutritional mechanisms, DNA instructions and replication, causing a change in cellular manufacturing instructions and supply. In addition the toxic soup we live in today combined with negative emotional trauma further increases the breakdown of our cellular mechanism. That is why it is important to consume the highly nutritional formula TRICAN® to restore and nourish the cells.

Nutritional deficiency is due to a regular consumption of white refined sugar, as in fizzy (soft) drinks (1 soft drink contains up to 10 teaspoons of white refined sugar), chips (crisps), store bought pastries, deep fried foods (French fries, donuts). Also prepared meats (hot dogs, sausages, bacon, ham) fast foods, food additives, etc. Most foods are cooked at 350 to 400 F, but whenever we cook our food over 105 F (40 Celsius) instead of steaming our foods, we destroy many of the important enzymes. As well as refined oils and processed foods, toxins, stress and other factors, our body suffers from a mineral deficiency which causes an unbalanced chemistry, which will alter the instructions of the DNA when producing new cells.

The BUDWIG CENTER nutritional protocol is correcting the proportions of all the minerals so that they are correct to each other in the body, which causes the correct electromagnetism in the body and to provide the material for the reactions to take place.

Dr Johanna Budwig
Dr. Johanna Budwig - was one of Germany's top biochemists as well one of the best researchers throughout all of Europe. She was born in 1908 and lived to be 95. Seven times she was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Dr.Budwig claims to have had over a 90% success rate with her diet and protocol over a 50 year period which is why The Budwig Center in association with BioMedic Clinic, uses this as the basis of their program and we have been directly authorized by Dr. J Budwig to do so, when we visited her in August 2000.

Does her protocol work for all types of degenerative diseases and tumors? Dr. Budwig explained in her books that her healing plan works on improving the cells of the body. It doesn't matter where the diseased cells are located or what name is given to your illness because the Budwig program addresses the basic cause of the illness in the first place.

Often people contact us and they mention that they are already using the Budwig protocol, however after talking with them we discover that most are not following it properly. They may have read bits and pieces about how the program works on various internet web sites. And unfortunately there is a lot of erroneous or missing information on the exact diet and the do's and don'ts of her regime. Dr. Budwig stressed the need to follow her program in an exact manner otherwise the results would probably be very disappointing and even at times counterproductive. For example some mix the flaxseed oil with yogurt instead of low fat cottage cheese. This does not work because the cottage cheese contains the a special type of sulphurated protein that is so important in the Budwig formula. Using a very powerful dark field microscope we had the flaxseed oil mixed with yogurt examined and there was no chemical reaction that produced the high oxygen to the blood as it does when mixed with Quark or Cottage cheese.

For further information the Budwig Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Quark diet, please read our Budwig Diet page.

Some people have a dairy intolerance or allergic to flaxseed oil or would prefer to avoid cottage cheese (which is dairy that has casein which can cause inflammation) and best not to use if you have tumors and degeneration in the breast, prostate, brain, lymph or ovaries. In which case we would recommend a dairy extract free of casein such as CELLTRAMAX -

At The Budwig Center we have over 30 years of research behind us and the Budwig protocol has 50 years of research and countless Case Studies to back it up.

Many of those whom have come to our Center from all over the world are now in good health and this includes people with all types and stages of degeneration, including some people considered "terminal" by applying what they learn at our center and receiving the therapies with BIO MEDIC CLINIC.


At our Center our approach teaches you how to regain your health in the shortest reasonable time possible by implementing a multi faceted totally natural time-tested program. Each day at our Center in the beautiful "Costa del Sol" located in Southern Spain not only will you benefit from the sunshine and sea (we average 325 days of sunshine per year), but you will learn how to detoxify your body all the "rubbish" of many years of pesticides, chemicals, medicine from the liver, colon and lymph system. BIO MEDIC CLINIC will administer Hydro Colonics, Saunas, massages, and the deep liver cleanse are all part of our program. Our Nutritionist will explain to you how to enjoy the healthy foods with the Dr. Budwig recipes.

Studies show that negative emotional experiences, past and present contribute to some 85% of illnesses, therefore help will be provided on an emotional level as well.

We offer you three different effective emotional healing programs that really help you overcome past hurtful experiences.

Budwig Protocol - During your stay with us and this will provide you with in-depth information from A - Z on how Dr. Budwig treated her patients. You will learn what foods to eat and which ones to avoid. A daily schedule and check list will be provided so that you will know exactly what to do each day. Each therapy performed by BIO MEDIC CLINIC that is used will be explained and how it works with the Dr. Budwig's approach.

Therapies You May Receive in association with the BioMedic Clinic:

Consultation with Dr. Marie D. Lopez M.D. a medical doctor, as well as a Naturopathic Doctor will conduct an examination of your medical history(please bring X-rays, scans, PET, blood work, if available etc)

Diagnostics with VEGA Machine (measures the energy of all the basic organs of the body) You can also attend an educational seminar and group discussions on healthy living, cooking, diet, herbal supplements, appropriate diet and even helpful information on marriage and interpersonal human relations skills, etc

Hyperthermia - localized hyperthermia in the BioMedic Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Marie D Lopez, M.D. creates an artificial fever and sends a special radio wave to the affected area.

"Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease," said Parmenides, a Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 B.C.).

Sunbathing - You can walk down to the beach and sunbath beside the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

Essential Oils - 100% pure specially selected oils - Everything has an electrical frequency or vibration, including food, our bodies, and even disease that can be measured in Megahertz (MHz). The frequency of essential oils are actually some of the highest frequencies known to man. They create an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live and are several times greater than the frequencies of herbs and foods.

Electro-Magnetic therapy (for frozen or stiff muscles, sciatic and lower back pain)

Massage therapy, including techniques for frozen muscles, sciatica, realignment, meridian balancing and emotional massages to overall well being.

Lymphatic Drainage sessions

IV Infusions of Glutathione and other homeopathic formulas to drain the liver, lymph system and kidneys

Ultra Sound tests (as needed to detect and dissolve suspicious breast lumps)

Biomagnetic Therapy using very strong magnets to neutralize disease-causing pathogens and pH balancing of the body. This system is known as the "biomagnetic-pair" by Dr. Isaac Goiz -

Personalized Nutritional consultation

Hydro Colon Therapy - Chronically ill patients are generally suffering from toxicity and cleansing the colon is indispensible to detoxify the body.

Heavy Metal detox formulas and programs

FIR Infrared whole body sauna detox therapy (daily)

Meridian balancing therapy

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) "Tapping" - sessions to reinforce a positive attitude in regaining your health.

Brain Reactivation and Emotional Balancing - The brain controls the entire body. However often due to past trauma and unhealthy life styles the brain and the body are often no longer working together in unity as they should. Rene, a trained therapist from France administers this dynamic new physical and emotional therapy using gentle chiropractic and osteopathic movements on the body and especially the head to 'awaken' the power of the brain to send healing and balancing to the entire body. Many old aches, pains and past negative emotional experiences are corrected with this unique and ground breaking technique. Most people feel an improvement within a few hours as they now embark on a whole new 'road to health restoration'.

Bach Flower emotional analysis and extracts (to take home)

Selected Herbs - Dr. Budwig did not believe that artificially manufactured supplements would be needed. However she did use a variety of effective proven herbal natural compounds, homeopathic remedies, teas and formulas. You will be supplied with these herbs and teas and taught how and when to take them and why they are part of the Budwig protocol.

The OTO Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S is registered as Class 2A Medical Device CE. developed by a group of doctors and electronic engineers that helps improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and ease aches & pains.

CHI Machine - Even the weak can use this equipment as they lie on a mat on the floor and their feet are moved gently to an adjustable speed and gentle back and forth movement. The Chi balances the body's energy.

Recipes - You take home the Budwig Guide which is full of a variety of recipes. In addition we now have the Dr. Armin Grunewald, MD recipes added. Dr. Grunewald is the nephew of Dr. Budwig and is continuing her research and work with the BUDWIG FOUNDATION. After spending time with him we are working in conjunction with his updated dietary program.

Pain Formulas - Many patients experience pain. Learn how to apply special oil and mixtures that help relieve pain naturally.

Note: All Medical advice, therapies, diagnosis, recommendations, consultations are conducted by a qualified Medical Doctor of the BioMedic Clinic associated with BUDWIG CENTER.