Budwig Health Recovery Program, clinic program 2000 € (1 week)

//Budwig Health Recovery Program, clinic program 2000 € (1 week)
    Budwig Health Recovery Program, clinic program 2000 € (1 week) 2017-09-21T14:55:14+00:00

    Project Description

    Budwig Health Recovery Program

    Budwig Program Health Recovery

    This program focuses on detoxing the body, boosting the immune system, treating micro organisms affecting your health and promoting a general state of well-being in the patient. For chronic or serious conditions, please consult with us about additional treatment available.

    This program does not include lodging, nor does it include personalized treatment unless the doctor’s consultation indicates that a patient cannot receive colonic irrigation or full body hyperthermia. In that case these two therapies can be substituted for other therapies available such as massage therapy, acupuncture, products and remedies.

    The 1 week Health Recovery Program costs 2.000 euros and includes:

    • Detox program with a hydro-colonic irrigation, full body hyperthermia, foot detox treatment.

    • 1 bottle of Colloidal Silver 200ppm Extra Strength (most Colloidal Silver is only 30ppm strength).

    • 2 bottles of Spirulina (plant based food, rich in protein).

    • Daily sessions of inhaling pine needle oil extract (for better circulation).

    • Sessions on the Jade massage bed with infrared heat.

    • 1 Body analysis (including 5 – 6 remedies) which is done at the beginning of the program.

    • 2 sessions of Par-Bio Magnetics (includes 6 potent magnets you take home).

    • 2 intravenous sessions with Homeopathic remedies.

    • You will also receive the Budwig Guidebook and you are asked to be present for our group discussions.

    • 1 session of Bioenergetic Restoration.

    • Medical consultation with Dr. Tavira.

    Although this program does not include lodging, if we have apartments available the dates you chose to come, we can offer lodging for the duration of the program for an additional 300€.


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