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Budwig treatments and fees – Discover our Natural Cancer Treatments

Our remedies are not the common brands found in most Health Shops as we have sourced the most pure and effective remedies for patients from laboratories that specialize in providing to Professionals in Health Care Clinics.

Budwig Clinical Programs, natural cancer treatments

Bronze Program, natural cancer treatment

Silver Program, natural cancer treatment

Gold Program, natural cancer treatment

Wellness Program

This program focuses on detoxing the body, boosting the immune system, treating micro organisms affecting your health and promoting a general state of well-being in the patient. For chronic or serious conditions, please consult with us about additional treatment available.

This program does not include lodging, nor does it include personalized treatment unless the doctor’s consultation indicates that a patient cannot receive colonic irrigation or full body hyperthermia. In that case these two therapies can be substituted for other therapies available such as massage therapy, acupuncture, products and remedies.

Come to our clinic for one, two or three weeks to receive all of our natural therapies.

At our Center, we teach you the steps that help you to recover your health by implementing the multi-faceted and totally natural program based on Dr. Johanna Budwig’s protocol.

Our clinical programs are set up to offer a personalized treatment for all types of cancer and other health conditions. Treatments are divided in two aspects:

Common Therapies

Therapies that all the cancer patients will be able to receive include the following: Group discussions about the Budwig diet, Dr. Johanna’s research and protocol – medical consultation – Intravenous sessions with homeopathic remedies – Bio energetic restoration – detoxing remedies and therapies – Analysis and test – Par biomagnetic sessions – lunch in the Budwig kitchen

Personalized clinical treatments

Following the medical consultation, the program is personalized. Depending on the type of cancer and your general physical condition, (allergies, ascites, strength, pain, past surgeries…etc) it can be decided which therapies will be suitable for each patient as well as the duration and frequency of these. You will receive personalized remedies and there may be added homeopathic remedies to the intravenous sessions or in aerosol form. We aim to do all that we can during your stay so that you notice a great improvement in your health and we have a very qualified and capable team to do so.

HOME DISTANCE PROGRAMS – Remedies, guides, and e-books sent to you.

Our Distance Care Programs provide essential remedies to detox and boost your immune system. These programs are recommended only for those whose health condition is not chronically serious, or whose current state of health does not permit them to travel to our Clinic in Spain.

Contact us to see if we can offer you something that suits your situation and condition. We will do our best to personalize the help we can offer at a distance with support over the phone and email, remedies and instructions sent to your home.

For more information: budwig@budwigcenter.eu or Fill in this form to consult with us about a distance program

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Other treatments and therapies for cancer that you can request

We have an oncologist with whom patients can request a consultation (as a second opinion) and upon request there are therapies such as pain management, draining liquid caused by ascites, help contacting a local holistic dentist, etc… contact us to find out what we can do for your health condition.



To send a deposit and reserve you program, first please complete the form below with the requested information. You will automatically receive instructions to your email address with the steps to follow to send a deposit

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