What Are The Main Causes Of Cancer?

/What Are The Main Causes Of Cancer?
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Cause No 1 was caused by very unique viral microbes which were inside cells. Therefore, the BIO MEDIC clinic will recommend a therapy that will effectively de-vitalizes pathogens (parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses)

Other contributing causes: Nutritional (Mineral) deficiency – Research and countless testimonials indicate that all illnesses including degenerative diseases and cancer are the result of a nutritional deficiency, especially to the nervous system. The baseline of cancer is simply the deviation of mineral proportions and the resulting electromagnetic relationships relative to the attraction/repulsion. This nutritional deficiency causes structural changes in the amino acid, hormones, biofeedback communication, all cellular nutritional mechanisms, DNA instructions and replication, causing a change in cellular manufacturing instructions and supply. In addition, the toxic soup we live in today combined with negative emotional trauma further increases the breakdown of our cellular mechanism.

This nutritional deficiency is brought about by a regular consumption of white refined sugar, as in fizzy (soft) drinks (1 soft drink contains up to 10 teaspoons of white refined sugar), chips (crisps), store bought pastries, deep fried foods (French fries, donuts). Also, prepared meats (hot dogs, sausages, bacon, ham) fast foods, food additives, etc. Most foods are cooked at 350 to 400 F, but whenever we cook our food over 105 F (40 Celsius) instead of steaming our foods, we destroy many of the important enzymes. In addition to refined oils and processed foods, toxins, stress and other factors, our body suffers from a mineral deficiency which causes an unbalanced chemistry, which will alter the instructions of the DNA when producing new cells.

The BUDWIG CENTER nutritional protocol is correcting the proportions of all the minerals so that they are correct to each other in the body, which causes the correct electromagnetism in the body and to provide the material for the reactions to take place.

In Germany in 1952 Dr. Budwig was the Central Government’s Senior Expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs. She’s considered one of the worlds leading authorities on fats and oils. Her research has shown the detrimental effects that commercially processed fats and oils have in destroying cell membranes and lowering the voltage in the cells of our bodies, which then result in chronic and terminal disease. Our body is electric and therefore the cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell, which is positively charged, and a cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged.

Dr Budwig discovered that when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated that their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed. The fats ability to associate with protein and thereby to achieve water solubility in the fluids of the living body—all this is destroyed. As Dr Budwig put it, “the battery is dead because the electrons in these fats and oils recharge it. When the electrons are destroyed the fats are no longer active and cannot flow into the capillaries and through the fine capillary networks. This is when circulation problems arise and in our bodies every vital function and every organ is affected. This even includes the generation of new life and new cells”.

Our bodies produce over 500 million new cells daily. Dr Budwig points out that in growing new cells, there is a dipolarity between the electrically positive nucleus and the electrically negative cell membrane with it’s high unsaturated fatty acids. During cell division the cell and new daughter cell must contain enough electron rich fatty acids in the cells surface area to divide off completely from the old cell. When this process is interrupted the body begins to die. In essence, these commercially processed fats and oils are shutting down the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold of our bodies. The cells are suffocating from a lack of oxygen.

A very good example would be cancer tumors. Due to unsaturated fat, the course of growth is disturbed—the surface-active fats are not present; the substance becomes inactive before the maturing and shedding process of the cells ever takes place, which results in the formation of tumors.

Dr. Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil, with it’s powerful healing nature of essential electron rich unsaturated fats, and Quark or cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane.

With some of these patients she would start their therapy with an enema of 500CCs of an oil mixture and “that their subjective awareness of well-being increased immediately.” She pointed out that many could not urinate, produce bowel movements, or when coughing were unable to bring up the mucus, but once the protocol was initiated this started reactivation of the vital functions and the patients immediately began feeling better. The Budwig diet appears to allow cells to start breathing again.

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