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Lung Cancer Testimonials

Lung Cancer with metastasis in the skeleton and brain

Lung Cancer with metastasis in the skeleton and brain

From: Bliuma K
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2017 7:06 PM


Hi Lloyd,

Surely you can use my comments.

It’s the first time after 6months that I have received good news. I was very weak in June and CT results were very poor, just MR of the head/brain was good.
No more new tumors and the two bigger ones were reducing. CT was showing the progressive growth.

Now in July when the CT was taken, the results were amazing -liver is free for cancer, one bi-kidney is almost free, they couldn’t measure it, some other places the tumors are reduced.
The main tumor in the lungs is much smaller and no new tumors have appeared.

So, I continue using all the medicines I have received from you and instructions.

Best regards,
Bliuma Johnsen

Bliuma K Johnsen

Lung cancer testimonial

Lung cancer testimonial

Sent: Oct 21, 2016

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins ,

Passed 8th month of her recovery from her cancer, and her body at now is clear, we are very very thankful for your helping and your recommendation, after her recovery from 8 month ago until now she using all of medicine that you recommended such as Vitamin B15 , AHCC , and Aloe Arborescine and at now more less she controlled her diet ( according to budwig protocol ) ,

Thank you very much ,

permission to publish

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2016 1:26 AM
To: Lloyd Jenkins – Budwig Center

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins ,

we are very thankful to you for anything ,
of course we are happy to share our experience to everybody and we recommend Budwig center to anybody that have a serious illness , and i translate your protocol and send it to any Iranian and others that are hopeless and ecc… , you are the best .

we are very very thankful dear Mr.Jenkins.

Thank you again,

Amirbahador Sadafian

Philip, Lung Cancer

Philip, Lung Cancer

Name: Mr. Philip Bonfigho
Age: 52
Country: Ohio, USA
Condition: Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

In early 1974, Mr. Bonfigho, a heavy smoker, developed a persistent upper respiratory infection and cough. He consulted his family doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Despite the treatment, the symptoms only worsened, and in March Mr. Bonfigho returned to his physician. At that time a chest X-ray revealed a 3 centimeter (cm). mass in the upper lobe of the right lung. Mr. Bonfigho was admitted to Akron City Hospital on April 7, 1974, and the following day went for exploratory chest surgery. He was found to have a large inoperable tumor in the right lung that had metastasized to many lymph nodes. These findings are clearly described in the operative note: “A tumor approximately 4 cm in greatest diameter was found in the periphery of the posterior segment of the right upper lobe (of the lung). In the area below the azygos vein were multiple nodes which extended posteriorly up along the vena cave and acquired a maximum diameter of about 3.5 cm…. Because of the massive involvement of the mediastinum, curative resection was not feasible…” Evaluation of a biopsy specimen confirmed “Poorly differentiated carcinoma consistent with squamous cell type…” In addition, all lymph nodes removed at surgery were positive for metastatic disease. Mr. Bonfigho’s doctors recommended a course of cobalt radiation treatment, which he began while still hospitalized. Nevertheless, he was told that even with such treatment, his chances of surviving one year were dim. Mr. Bonfigho completed the suggested regimen of 5000 rads to the lungs as an outpatient. When the cancer continued to grow despite the radiation, a course of intensive chemotherapy was proposed. But since his disease was believed incurable, Mr. Bonfigho refused all further orthodox treatment. Instead, Mr. Bonfigho decided to investigate unconventional cancer therapies. He soon learned of (high doses of pancreatic enzymes which is used as part of the Budwig Center program by Dr Kelley,) Over a several month period, his persistent respiratory symptoms resolved, and within a year, Mr. Bonfigho says he felt better than he had for a decade. Today, 13 years alter his diagnosis, Mr. Bonfigho still follows his nutritional protocol and is in excellent health with no sign of his once metastatic disease. Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung is one of the most deadly of cancers. The five-year survival rate for patients with stage III disease, regardless of treatment, is less than 5%.

Philip Bonfigho

Charles Upshur, Lung Cancer

Charles Upshur, Lung Cancer

From: Charles Upshur
Country: USA

Wife healed of lung cancer, when given a year to live 12 yrs. ago. Still healed by your diet, and prayer. I want your diet guide for someone else.

Charles Upshur

Maria Socorro, Lung Cancer

Maria Socorro, Lung Cancer

Name: Maria Socorro Fajardo
Country: Netherlands
From: Edgar []
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 6:41 PM
To: Budwig Center
Subject: Re: VEGA TEST: Maria Socorro Fajardo

Hello Doctor Jenkins,

Thank you very much for your good news regarding my wife Maria.

FYI, the latest CT scan done last May 2015 indicated that her lungs & regional lymphnodes are clear & normal according to her oncoligist & radioligist. Thus one can say that she is in remission but we would like to know from you if she is to continue her

– Artemisia

Awaiting your advise.

Edgar Fajardo (husband of Maria)


Susan Ellinger, Lung Cancer

Susan Ellinger, Lung Cancer

Name: Susan Ellinger

Just wanted to post my good news today.

I started Budwig Protocol on Jan 7, 2009 after results from a PET CT scan in late January showed relapsed mediastinal NHL with mets in the lungs.

Scans from last Thursday, March 2, 2009, showed no activity left in the mediastinum and very low uptake activity in the lungs with shrinkage in all nodules.

I am absolutely amazed that the Budwig Formula worked this fast although I feel healthier than I can ever remember. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Keep the faith, it works!

Susan Ellinger
susanellinger []

NOTE: Susan did not come to the Budwig Center but at home she followed the Budwig program

Susan Ellinger