13 10, 2017

Cancer clinic video. How do the therapies offered at Budwig Center work?

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Cancer Clinic, how do the therapies offered at Budwig Center work? They work best on your body because of our personalized approach. Make an appointment for your 15 minute phone consultation below Even the Budwig diet, which is easy to follow and explained already in our free Report, needs to be [...]

16 02, 2017

Dr Johanna Budwig, turn up the heat on cancer with hyperthermia

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Dr Johanna Budwig, turn "up the heat" on cancer with hyperthermia Dr. Budwig was in favor of hyperthermia. She writes in her book "Der Tod des Tumors (Bd. 2)" [The Death of the Tumor, Vol. 2] on page 143: "What other therapeutic measures are advisable, permitted, recommended? I always reply: Everyone [...]