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Budwig center team, naturophatic, medical and experts in natural medicine

naturophatic, medical, experts natural medicine, Budwig Center team

Naturophatic, medical, experts in natural medicine, Budwig Center team. For almost 20 years the Budwig Center has been helping people face cancer head on by using natural remedies and treatments.

Lloyd Jenkins
Lloyd JenkinsBudwig center Owner, Naturopathic practitioner

A native Canadian that has always been interested in taking care of his own health as well as being an entrepreneur. Lloyd met Dr. Johanna Budwig in the year 2000 and has travelled extensively and has addressed large audiences in Canada, South America and Spain. He has a PhD in Natural Health and majored in research on Cancer. As a Naturopath he has been trained in Natural medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Dr. Beck, Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Budwig therapies. Speaks English, French and Spanish.

During your visit in Budwig Center Oncological Clinic

Lloyd Jenkins, (owner of BUDWIG CENTER) has a group discussion once a week (ask Kathy for his schedule during the dates you are staying at the clinic):

  • Group discussion on the BUDWIG GUIDE and instructions about the Daily Schedule

  • Provide you with certain specific remedies needed based on the VEGA TEST along with instructions

  • Clarify any questions related to patient’s health and posology of medication.

  • Handle any complaints or concerns that you might have

Isabel Tavira
Isabel TaviraGeneral practitioner

Medical Doctor with a holistic, integrative approach to all types of health issues. She has extended her studies to compliment her practice as an Acupuncturist and Homeopathic Doctor. This makes her capable of offering a broader orientation and more personalized solution during her consultations. Her work experience also includes 2 years in a private clinic that offers integrative medicine. A young Spanish national that understands English quite well.

During your visit in Budwig Center Clinic

Isabel Tavira will look over your medical records, the health report you completed for us and the Vega test report. As the medical Doctor overseeing your condition while you receive treatment at the Budwig Center she will make sure you understand your health condition as well as the treatments you are receiving. Please update her (with Kathy’s help translating) if any symptoms change or new ones appear during your stay.  She will be coordinating your treatment along with a nurse’s help to ensure you receive all the treatments included in your program.

Kathy Jenkins
Kathy JenkinsManager, Naturopathic practitioner

A native Canadian that has been brought up very conscious of healthy living habits. As a naturopath, has focused her studies and completed accredited courses in diet, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage and reflexology. Kathy also travelled and worked in Japan, Canada, South America and now Spain and speaks English, French, Spanish.

During your visit in Budwig Center

Kathy will help you with:

  • Nutritional questions and a group discussion about following the Budwig Diet

  • Translate and interpret consultations with medical staff that don’t speak English

  • Arrange to finalize the balance owing (we do this within the first week)

  • Issues related to problems in the apartments

Robin Jenkins
Robin JenkinsVega therapist

A native Canadian that has lived most of his life in Spain. Speaks English, French, Spanish and Russian. Robin has a Master’s degree in Education and has extensive work experience in teaching and advising about healthy living habits. He performs the Vega test that gives a full body health checkup and recommendations.

During your visit in Budwig Center Natural Clinic

Robin will do a full Body VEGA test on the first day that you arrive. You will receive 5 or 6 remedies that are specific to your needs and enough to last you 30 to 40 days. Robin can explain more to you about how each product will help you personally. During the Vega test he can also test natural remedies that you have been taking at home to check how necessary these are in your case. He prepares a report that indicates the dosages to take of each remedy.

Manuel Alvarado
Manuel AlvaradoAssistant Manager

A native Peruvian that speaks Spanish, English, Russian and understands Polish. Answers enquiries and coordinates orders. Manuel has experience in customer service, organizing work systems and office administration.

During your visit in Budwig Center

Manuel will help you with a tour of the clinic explaining:

  • The daily breathing of the Pine needle oil extract and how to operate it

  • How to load your laptop at the clinic with comedy movies, EFT, educational programs from our portable Hard Drive (please do not take the hard drive out of the clinic)

  • How to connect to the Wi-Fi at the clinic and the apartment if you are having trouble

  • Maps of the city, general information

  • Instructions on how to operate the sauna, CHI, etc in your apartment if you need help

Julia Pustovit
Julia PustovitPurchases and Shipping

A native Ukranian that speaks Russian, Ukranian, English and Spanish. Her work experience is mainly in schools. In charge of purchasing, shipping and coordinating the apartments.

During your visit in Budwig Center

Julia will help you with:

  • She will meet you when the taxi arrives and take you to your apartment

  • Provide basic food products (such as: rice, oat milk, coco powder, organic eggs, bread, Quark, flaxseed oil, etc,

  • Teach you how to prepare the FSOCCheese , if you have not done it yet or not sure

  • Will put together the remedies indicated in your Vega test report

  • Coordinate with you for the keys to the apartment and taxi before your departure