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Jerry Tindel´s wife, Breast Cancer

Jerry Tindel experiences with his wife’s breast cancer

From: Jerry Tindel <>
Date: Feb 9, 2018 5:04
Telephone Number: 512/837-0452

I receive your newsletter. Thank you. 7 years ago, my wife, Nancy, had breast cancer. The day she was diagnosed, I searched the web and discovered the Budwig Protocol. She started it immediately. She had a lumpectomy and one week of radiation. She is still on the protocol. Every year when her cancer doctors test her for the possibility of cancer reoccurring, she tests the lowest of anyone they test! Praise God!

Two years ago, our daughter, Tammy, had breast cancer. She immediately started on the Budwig Protocol twice a day, and juicing fruits and vegetables. In 6 months her tumor had shrunk 50%. But her doctor told her he better hurry up and do a mastectomy! I am sure he was afraid there would be nothing left to operate on if he did not operate now! And, she did not have the faith to tell him, “Let’s wait a little while longer!

I continually recommend the Budwig Center to people I know who are diagnosed with cancer. If I got it, I surely would want you to treat me.

Thanks for all you do.

Jerry Tindel

Breast Cancer Stage IV with Metastasis to the bones

Breast Cancer Stage IV with Metastasis to the bones

Sandra Alvim

It’s with tears in my eyes, that I write this testimonial, but happy tears.

In February 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV and bones metastasis.

I’m a holist health counselor and I have been publishing in my blog about the Budwig clinic a couple of years before my diagnoses.

I didn’t think about any other place, but the Budwig and I couldn’t more right.
I arrived in Malaga with major pain in my hips, I could barely walk.
The crew on the Budwig clinic, Lloyd, Kathy, Dr Isabel, Manuel, Julia, Angel, and all the crew of amazing doctors and specialist in the clinic, gave me all the support, care and love. I felt like I was at home.

Lloyd, became my mentor, my doctor and my adviser. He shared information with me about the danger of mammograms so I decided not to have one.

I came from the clinic, feeling so much better. I wait 3 months until my next cat scan and the results came out fabulous. They said’ The therapy is working; (they didn’t know what kind of therapy I was having) the lesions in the leg are smaller, the size of the breast tumor is much smaller and the patient shows much improvement.

I continued following the diet, the cottage cheese every morning, the resonate machine, the coffee enema, and all the nutrients that was part of my protocol.

On April 12 2017, I had another cat scan and my bone oncologist said: ‘You have no more disease in the bones and the breast cells are inactive’ Come back in 6 months for regular tests.

I’m so fortunate I choose the Budwig protocol, I didn’t do any invasive procedure and I can say: ‘I bet the disease’. ‘I survived’ without damaging or mutilating my body. I’m so glad I have the patience and courage to follow the Budwig protocol without questioning and without doubting.

Through out this year, Lloyd has been informing me of all the new devises and nutrients that I should take and I followed him. He answered my emails promptly, sometimes 2 AM, when I need his advise and support.
This is not only a clinic for cancer cure, but a center of caring and gifted people.
God bless you all for your beautiful work.

P.S. My mission now is help other people who have a scary diagnostic and need to hear a successful story. I can be reached at my email:

and with much pleasure I will respond any email with questions.

Kindly Sandra Alvim

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Breast cancer, Ingrid Werner

Breast cancer, Ingrid Werner

From: []
Sent: Friday, December 9, 2016 2:04 AM
To: Lloyd Jenkins – Budwig Center
Subject: Re: Budwag centre Spain Treatment

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer Nov. 2013 at Englewood Hospital in NJ and they wanted to do the works on me, Cut, poison (Chemo), and burn (Radiation). I knew there was another way and asked the surgeon what she knew about nutrition and she admitted that they were never trained in Medical School. So I declined her offer to take care of me and told her that I would prove to her that I could heal myself.

I started my concentrated research and came across The Latest Cancer-Fighting News and listened to their week long seminar in March 2014. I followed their advice, especially Chris Wark, who cured his colon cancer Stage 3 at age 26 by changing his life style and diet. I did exactly what he did, stopped eating dairy, bread, pastry, pasta, white rice and potatoes, anything white because it contains sugar or carbohydrates that turn into sugar which is food for cancer. No more of my favorite cheeses from France, no coffee or juices, only green tea. In my search I came across The Budwig Protocol (Dr. Johanna Budwig) who cured 95% of her cancer patients in Germany in 1955 but the government closed her down, as they do here too since there is no money to be made for the drug companies. Even though I lived in Germany at that time and came to America in 1957 I had never heard of her. Now I found out that she moved her clinic to Malaga, Spain. I contacted the clinic and told them about my condition (Stage 1 breast cancer) and they forwarded 95 pages of diet to me. I was so impressed with their service without asking for payment since I could not afford to travel to Spain for a treatment. I immediately started on Dr. Budwig’s Muesli for breakfast and will keep it up for the rest of my life because it is so delicious. I only ate raw organic vegetables and fruits like Chris Wark did and lost 35 lbs of excess weight. July 2015 I decided to have the mass (size of a small pea) removed which was really not necessary since tumors grow very slowly at my age of 79. In addition I had a consultation with Carlos M. Garcia MD of his Utopia Wellness Center in Clearwater, Fl. ( after I read the book “Cancer-Free your guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing” co-written by Bill Henderson and Carlos M. Garcia, MD. He agreed that everything I was doing to heal myself was perfect and he would not change anything even if I came to his clinic.

Now I have been cancer-free for over one year and keep up with my healthy living. I do eat organic meat once in while and even have a daily glass of red wine the Budwig Clinic recommended but I do not go out to eat at Restaurants because they do not serve organic food here in America. If friends invite me I will eat their food because I have no choice. If they come to my house they will get organic lamb, or beef, or chicken and lots of salads and vegetables, organic of course.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I am here to help. You can call me at 201-871-3811 in New Jersey or send another e-mail.

All the best, Ingrid Werner

You can use my letter to you for promoting the Budwig Center. I only wish we had one here in America where I could be more involved to heal people. So far I had 3 people who contacted me to get more information about using the Budwig Protocol. The last one came from Bulgaria and she was quite familiar with Dr. Budwig’s work. I will forward future inquiries to you. Keep up the great work you are doing.


Ingrid Werner, Breast Cancer

Ingrid Werner, Breast Cancer

Name: Ingrid Werner
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:17 AM
To: Budwig Center
Subject: Re: Who was Dr. Johanna Budwig?

Thank you Dr. Jenkins.

My life was saved with the Budwig Protocol when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 11/2013 and even today I think of Dr. Budwig when I eat my Muesli every morning. I am now cancer-free for more than 1 year but still enjoy the organic cottage cheese, Flax Oil and Seeds, and fruits and will continue with this for the rest of my life. Whenever I meet someone with cancer I tell them about your service and give them all the information that they can heal themselves if they followed your advice. Thank you for continuing with Dr. Johanna Budwig’s work. I lived in Hamburg, Germany until 1957 when I came to America but never new about her success in Germany. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Kind regards

P.S. and if someone wants more information they can e-mail me.

Ingrid Werner

Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim

Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim

From: Sandra Alvim []
Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 7:08 PM
To: Budwig
Subject: Re: Hello

Thanks Lloyd!!!

I just had a call from my doctor after a blood test and he said there’s only one cancer cell in my blood and the CA is 2.7 and he told me I should cancel the radiation for now and in two months do a MRI, Petscan and blood test again. I haven’t have pain in my leg, i can even run and go up the stairs.

So I’m so happy everything is working. He is a great fan of your clinic, his name is DR Mark Rosenberg, a scientist and doctor.

Have a great day.

Love and light
Sandra Alvim


Breast cancer and metastatic carcinoma on the hip and pelvic area

Sandra Alvim

Dalis, Breast Cancer

Dalis, Breast Cancer

Name: Dalis Jurado
Country: Panama

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I will like to share this great news….I had my cat, lab and mamography tests and thank to god, my family and especially to you. I am doing very well, no more breast cancer, I feel great and I am very happy to know that the breast cancer is no longer with me. I am using all your vitamins you recommend me, avoiding all the wrong food, using the great machine 3 times a week and now I will like to use it 3 times per month to prevent unnecessary virus and other illness. IMAGINE I am the only one who has not got cold or influenza in my family. Before I was constantly sick. I will like to ask you if I had to take forever and ever the cottage cheese with the flax seed oil? and also I had a little bit high the prolactin hormone, how can I balance my hormones?. Perhaps, next year I will go to Spain to visit you. I am praying that will be possible and to to thank you personally.. Indeed you have help me so much .God bless you always.. I admired my husband he has been my great support and he is a medical doctor as well and he strongly believed in your treatment and has support me 100%. I am honored to share my experience in your web, by the way your web is just fantastic, it shows how mariposas Clinic is giving hope and cure to many of us.

Dalis Jurado (Speaks Spanish and English)
From Panama –

Dalis Jurado

Heidi rock, Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, Heidi Rock

Heidi rock, Breast Cancer

Name: Heidi Rock

From: Heidi Rock []
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: Treatment

Dear Dr. Lloyd

I wanted to drop you a quick email as I have returned from my 1 weeks treatment and have been following the distance programme for sometime and before enrolling in that we used the essential oil package and followed the guidance available on your website.

At Christmas time 2015 I was very ill after suffering with increasing pain levels. For the previous months my mobility, energy levels and general wellbeing had deteriorated rapidly and the hospital were slow to identify this as a metastatic cancer in my bones despite being high risk due to my previous battle with cancer in 2011. I was finally diagnosed in January but by that time I was using a mobility scooter to get around and other mobility aids to move around my house, get out of bed etc. I had a very heavy limp and was exhausted most of the time. After diagnosis I was offered a dose of radiotherapy to relive the pain but my cancer was determined as terminal. At this point it was still expected to be hormone receptive as my original caner had been and the hospital started injections to induce the menopause. 3 injection later my cancer was biopsied and found to be triple negative and my life expectance went down significantly. The injections were stopped along with the tamxoifen I had been taking for the previous 4 years. As I am sure you can imagine my body was now in a very poor state as it was dealing with an induced menopause on top of the cancer. My husband researched night after night looking for alternatives. It was at this point he came across your clinic and we made some changes straight away. I became vegetarian, we implemented the FOC protocol and ordered the essential oils pack.

Within a few weeks we saw improvements in my energy levels and spurred on we focused on diet using juicing/ smoothies and using quality organic products. We raised the funds to join the distance programme and started the full protocol. We managed to get a home infra red sauna and rebounder and have not looked back since. By the time I booked my visit to the clinic I no longer used my mobility scooter at all, I no longer needed the aids to get out of bed and dress myself. I walk for at least 30 minutes each and every day and have energy levels that match my pre cancer life. The hospital tried to get me to go onto a chemotherapy drug which I tried for 1 round but the impact on my body was so sever and so immediate that I felt confident with my decision to refuse further rounds. The quality of life I have now is unbelievable when I think back to a few short months ago; my family have admitted they thought I was going to die very quickly.

I have returned from my 1 week stay at the clinic with renewed vigour and determination but also with hope and belief in the power of my own body to deal with this. I arrived a day late due to my flight being cancelled but all the staff helped to get me caught up with as many of the therapies as possible. Their kindness, compassion and professional expertise was amazing and I wanted to pass on my extreme gratitude to all of them. I feel very strong and well and have only a very slight limp when I am tired or have been in the same position for too long. I am hoping to book to come out to the clinic again in a few months and no longer feel condemned. I cannot stress enough the magnitude of the change in my life.

With huge thanks and much love,


Breast cancer, Heidi RockHeidi & Jason Rock

Heidi Rock

Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Rosemary, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Name: Rosemary Hobson
Age: 72
Weight: 82 kgs
Female: Female
From: Rosemary Hobson
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 8:02 PM
To: ‘Budwig Center’
Subject: RE: My Cancer is now in Remission
Country: Africa

Dear Mr. Jenkins,


I will of course, continue to follow the Budwig protocol and take all the medicaments that you have sent etc.

You may share my good news with others.

I play the Healing Tones music a lot, and also have a great Faith and believe God has assisted in my Healing. I give Him the Glory.

I have tried to be meticulous with all the various remedies that I was told to use. They obviously have all had their part in my healilng.

I will follow your instructions and send another sample in 6 months time.



Breast, Lymph CancerRosemary Hobson (breast and lymph cancer)

Rosemay commented “ I had a full mastectomy with all lymph glands removed right side 1997.It was Stage 4 but encapsulated. Then I had left side mastecomy in 2008 – a completely different type of breast cancer in the second one. Both were caught in time and I did not have chemo or radiation. I have regular checkups and bone density scans.

Rosemary came to the BUDWIG CANCER CENTER in the spring of 2015 for the 2 week Gold program.

Rosemary Hobson

Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer

Gehan, Breast Cancer

Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer

Name: Gehan Kerara
Country: Dubai
From: Jiji,
Sent: Thursday, September 3, 2015 11:06 AM
To: Budwig Center
Subject: Re: How are you progressing with the Budwig Program?

Dear Lloyd

When I came to the Budwig Center back in January 2015 two months after my delivery, the Vega test shows I have still level 4 breast cancerous cells.

This is post my redial mastectomy surgery back in July 2014.

After following the Budwig program, the Vega test I did it personally with Robin in my visit during June 15 that the cancerous cells level dropped to 1.

I feel very thankful and ready to send another sample coming week to hopefully receive news that the level dropped to zero.

I truly appreciate your assistance along the way to even the little details I might clarified. I am spreading the word and really hope eventually the alternative medicine get to be known and we save people life and dignity.

It’s extremely important to continue following up ‘life time’ the guide you circulate it to us So my intention not to relax my routine.

Hope to see you soon with my son (the one the conventional medicine docs told me better not to have)

Please provide my contact to any patients that have similar conditions to mine for any assistance.

Kind Regards,
Breast CancerGehan Karara

Gehan Kerara

Anne Maziar Ph.D

Anne Maziar, Breast Cancer

From: Anne Lt Maziar
Email: Anne.Maziar@Colorado.EDU
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 6:55 AM
To: Budwig Center
Subject: Re: Budwig Center Contact: Budwig Diet Guide for cancer

I survived stage 4 breast cancer in 1989 using principles of the Budwig diet.

I was living 10 or 15 miles from the worst nuclear meltdown in US history, in Simi Valley, in 1959. It was 240 times worse than Three Mile Island.

I was also living in Boulder, Colo., when Rocky Flats plutonium pit production facility had a huge fire and criticality in 1967.

I read about the Budwig Protocol in a health food store in Boulder and know that not only did this protocol save my life, but also cured all other ailments for the last 25 years. I am now 74 years old and still have my mental abilities and substitute teach in the Public Schools part time.

I did also have a radical mastectomy and lymph dissection and chemo in 1989, but kept most of my long hair. In 1992 I had another simple mastectomy, but they didn’t find cancer. I also ate chaparral for breakfast for a few years and made some herbal teas and took some supplements.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Anne Maziar, Ph.D.

Anne Lt Maziar

Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer

Kathie, Breast Cancer

Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer

From: Kathie Fitzpatrick
Sent: Tuesday June 9, 2015 6:50
Subject: Dramatic results from Budwig
FOCC dissolving stage three breast cancer

Hello Budwig Staff:

I have a dramatic testimony that is medically documented as I have been seeing an oncologist at Northstar Cancer treatment center in Yakima Wa. USA since Sept. of 2014 until now. My stage three breast cancer that involved a high grade large tumor about 9 cm in the right breast is now all but dissolved and almost gone. I have dramatic before and after MRI reports. I can’t say that prayer by many people was not a big part of it, it was! But I was directed to use the Budwig protocol when I had never heard of it before. It brought amazing results.

Exciting. I went to having a 90 percent high grade cancer which was filling up 1/2 to 3/4 of the right breast in my first MRI in Sept. 2014 to having dramatic improvement in my latest MRI here the end of May. The surgeon told me that I was to have surgery then (Sept. 2014) it would need to be a mastectomy. The same surgeon, Dr. Bernfield was amazed at the new report. I only went back to him as a referral from my oncologist, Dr. Vicky Jones, as a comparison, and what would surgery look like today if I had any. However it looks like it is dismantling and going away!

Doctors these days do not know what to do when somebody’s cancer appears to be going away. He said he needed to talk to the radiologist. “IS HE SAYING IN THE REPORT IT IS GREATLY IMPROVING…IS HE SAYING IT’S NOT THERE? I’LL CALL YOU.” Then he promptly went on vacation for a week, so I have not heard back from him. When we parted he said that he hoped that it would keep shrinking.


“Right breast: The areas of marked signal alteration in the right breast that were present previously on 09/08/2014 are markedly less prominent on today’s study. There is no obvious skin thickening identified. We note that there is no evidence for any enhancing lesion in the retroareolar glandular pattern or the more posterior glandular pattern. Both of which have diminished significantly in signal size and content. There are no areas of abnormal enhancement in the right breast.”

I originally had a tiny lump, about 1/4 the size of a pea (5mm) which was spotted in an area of calcification. The large 9 cm one was not picked up on the mammogram at all, and had to be evaluated through ultra sound and MRI. So apparently both have diminished.

I also use mushroom complexes such as AHCC and Turkey Tail extract, and modified Pectin-C such as Pecstisol (eco Nugenics), but the Budwig Protocol has been the main core treatment. I take the mixture, 4 TBS flax seed oil to 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese, I envelope Stevia, a few strawberries fresh or frozen. I often double or triple the recipe, blend well in the electric blender. Serve with blueberries or a little more fruit of choice. Wild blue berries are the most anti-oxidant, and can be obtained frozen through various venders. I drink green tea in the morning, plus a green tea supplement Tegreen, equivalent to 7 cups of green tea in one capsule (Nuskin)

I have not completely eliminated meat, but eat less meat and more steamed or raw vegetables and do juicing and vegetable drinks in the Nutri-Bullet. The meats are Buffalo, steaks or burger (no hormones) wild salmon, organic chicken or grass fed beef, no hormones. The meat is a small helping more green salads and veggies.

Kathie, Breast CancerKathie FitzPatrick,

Kathie Fitzpatrick

Shirl, Breast Cancer

Shirl, Breast Cancer

From: Summer Skye
Sent: 20 February 2013 10:49
To: Lloyd Jenkins
Subject: Re: Correct Diet for Healing Breast Cancer?
Country: South Africa

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you so much. Yes of course you may use my story. You could also add:

I have been using the flax oil & cottage cheese mixture daily for over a year now and my breast cancer has gone from large & visible to almost undetectable when I search for it with my fingers.

I have not had chemo, etc, as I consider it to be very harmful. I also have not been for further tests and do not at the moment know if I am completely healed or not. I suspect, not 100%, as I still sometimes have a tiny bit of pain in the area. Not much and very rarely, but still.

I’d tried a few other natural cures before I tried the Budwig protocol, without much noticeable success. It was only when I started taking the cottage cheese mixture, that I saw results almost immediately and consistently. The pain disappeared and I felt better too. I am deeply grateful to Dr Budwig and all your work and support.

Much love,

Cape Town, South Africa


Brigitte Fritz, Breast Cancer

Brigitte Fritz, Breast Cancer

From: Brigitte Fritz
Sent: Friday,January 18 2013 19:08
Subject: RE: Budwig Center help for Brigitte’s sister

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I myself am a breast cancer survivor (I had a mastectomy in 1998). Tumors run in our family, my mom died of non-hodgkins, my dad of pancreatic, my youngest sister of colon tumor – one day before her 45th birthday 4 years ago. And now my “middle” sister is battling bone degeneration, which started as breast tumors without lumps, therefore it was never detected on her mammograms. She is doing very well at this point, without having to get chemo. In fact she receives a bone strengthening infusion once/month. She also sees a nutritionist who works with her through the Asyra Machine, which works through the electromagnetic fields in our skin and gives a print out of what areas in the body don’t function correctly. The nutritionist then puts drops together and it is amazing, how that has helped her so far along! For instance, last year Margret had nose bleeds several times and she was very concerned. The machine showed that she was very low on Vitamin K. She received that and never had a problem again. On her first visit it showed that she was exposed to mold. They found some in their basement, got rid of it and she also received drops to correct this in her body. That again never showed up on the print out.

I have put your information about the Budwig Center on my Facebook page in hopes that it can help others who are in need of healing or want to prevent diseases.

I forwarded your e-mail to Margret and I hope she will fill out the health report and send it back.

Thank you so very much and may God bless the work of your hands

The attached picture shows Margret in June at the wedding of her daughter. She looks just marvelous! Considered that in September/October of 2011 she was not even able to lift a glass with water. And the way her husband helped her to lay in bed was how she had to stay all night long, because she was not able to move around on her own.

Best regards,
Brigitte (breast cancer)

Brigitte Fritz

Marge, Breast Cancer

Marge, Breast Cancer

Name: Marge Rankin
Sent: Saturday Dec 3, 2012 20:29
Subject: End of month report

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

It’s hard to believe another month has gone by. I received the results from the HGC test on Nov. 14, 2012 and it is +/-3, (49.8 Int. Units) and Dr.

Navarro said this is within the doubtful range. I’m happy with the result.

I’ve finished all the Aloe Vera and all of the homeopathic remedies except the extra bottle of Master Mix and I’m continuing that until it’s gone. I feel good and energetic and I’m planning on doing another HGC test in January. I would also appreciate any other recommendations that you might suggest.

With warm regards,
Marge Rankin

Marge Rankin

Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer

Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer

From: Desire Heunis
Sent: 04 September 2012 08:56

Hello Mr Jenkins,

Thank you for this mail, so good to hear from you again. Hope all are well in Spain, it’s going very good with me and Spring is on its way in South Africa.

This summer I will receive the last 2 Zoladex injections and its been 3 years September since my cancer operation.

I’m drinking vitamins daily and me and my husband are keeping busy, we are currently painting in and around the house and of course!!! With Spring in the air we do a lot of gardening, something that I dearly love and I believe it keeps me going.

Hopefully I’m fighting a winning battle and I truly believe that I’m not sick anymore

Keep well and kind regards
Desire (breast cancer)

Desire Heunis

Pat Haas, Breast Cancer

Pat Haas, Breast Cancer

Last Mail From: Pat Haas
Sent: 31 August 2012 17:32
To: Lloyd Jenkins
Subject: RE: How are you doing?

Hi Mr. Jenkins,

When the MRI showed the tumor, and the nodes looked clear I made the decision to have a second mastectomy (on July 11, 2012), especially since I healed so quickly from the first one, and my pain level was never higher than 0-3 out of 10, due to taking Arnica each time.

A sentinel node showed no involvement in my nodes, just prior to the actual surgery, so I feel good about that. I have felt just fine ever since my original diagnosis in Oct. 2009. I’ve felt healthy all my life, and continue to feel great. I have no symptoms of C______ anywhere else such as bones, lung, brain, liver, etc.

You are more than welcome to share any of my results with others.

Thanks for your assistance.
Pat Haas

Pat Haas

Kelly Krajewski, Breast Cancer

From: Kelly Krajewski
Country: USA

My sister has been following the protocol for approximately 8 months now with encouraging results. Her last check-up showed her cancer -free and very healthy after being previously diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been taking prescription meds for over 12 years now, but would love to start the protocol. Although I am going to an Immunologist, I would be interested in hearing how I would go about getting off prescription drugs, as I am aware of the negative effect it can have on my body.

Kelly Krajewski

Vera Lucia, Breast Cancer

Vera Lucia, Breast Cancer

Name: Vera Lucia Aquino
Country: Brazil
Subject: Testimony Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd,

My name is Vera Lucia Aquino, i am from Brazil. In 2011 i was diagnosed with breast cancer and in january of 2012 i began the treatment following your concils.

On march of 2012, i went to treat my root channel that was done 3 years before, and on it was found a lot of pus that get out of it. After treated it, i was done the changes of all my fillings and surprising 2 months later i was cancer free.

Until today i am cancer free.

God Bless you Lloyd and Many thanks by your help.



Vera Lucia Aquino