You can make your own aloe arborescens mixture

/You can make your own aloe arborescens mixture
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You can make your own aloe arborescens mixture

aloe arborescens mixture

Zago cites studies administered by the Palatinin Salzano Venezia Institute in Italy which suggest that Aloe arborescens is 200% richer in medicinal substances than Aloe vera. Researchers found arborescens is 75% richer in anti-cancer properties than Aloe Vera. Aloe arborescens probably has cancer fighting properties that are really greater, and based on its stature as a “Stage IV Supplemental treatment”.

If you make the 10 day batch, choose 4-5 large Aloe Arborescens (the one that gives the red flower when it blooms) leaves. Aloe plant is much better if at least 3 to 5 years old and that has had no water or rain during the previous 5 days. You can recognize the Aloe Arborescens as the plant with the thinner, small leaves that bend up and down as they grow out. You will use the entire leave and just remove the sharp picky spines on the sides and then cut up the entire leaf.

Aloe Vera

If you do not have the Aloe Arborescens type, then use Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant is fine. You can identify this Aloe plant as the one having big thick leaves that normally grow straight up and the leaves are wide and contain a lot of gel. However use only the leaf/skin and NOT the gel. Remove the gel which is 95% or more water and discard or use it to apply to your skin but do not include it in this remedy. The medical qualities are in the leaf/skin.

Prepare as outlined here below either type of Aloe

Pick the leaves before sunrise or after sunset as the leave is awake when its dark, prepare it in a dark or dimly lit room (Aloe’s cancer fighters lose their effect in light). Prepare immediately after picking. Clean aloe with a moist cloth or a sponge (but do not clean with water), use a sharp knife to remove the spines on the side of the leaf. Cut the Aloe Arborescense thin leaves into pieces (without removing the skin) and put these pieces into a blender/liquidiser. Blend and put in a dark jar in the fridge. If you are using the Aloe Vera Barbadensis then remove as much of the gel as you can and only chop up the skin of the leaves. You of course chop up the entire leaf which has some gel of the Aloe Arborescence plant.

You should obtain about 300 grams (10.5 ounces or 1 ¼ cup) of Aloe leaf/skin. Honey – Add to the approximately (300 to 400 grams) of honey to the aloe — no synthetic or refined honey, only raw pure pesticide-free honey. The honey is the vehicle carrying the aloe, which cleanses and removes impurities, especially in the blood.


Next mix in 6 Tablespoons of pure single malt whisky (not Scotch) or use the same amount of grappa, Brazilian grappa, cachaca, Mexican tequila, Italian grappa, Dutch bols, araq from Palestine and other Arab countries or cognac. Do NOT use pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueur.

Blend all the above ingredients together for 2 to 3 minutes to obtain a smooth, unctuous, creamy mixture of aloe, honey and whisky.

There’s no need for scales and precise measurement. This combination of components gives it its efficacy. Scale the sweetness up or down to your liking, but comply roughly with these amounts. Never substitute anything for these three ingredients. After mixing, remember, the mixture is not to be filtered, nor heated but simply well conserved in the refrigerator inside a dark jar which would have been firmly closed.

As a cancer remedy

1 Tablespoonful – 3 times a day, ½ hour ( 30 minutes ) before each meal… Continue this regimen till all signs of cancer disappear. You can double the amount if after doing cancer tests your cancer markers do not go down. Take 2 Tablespoons 3 x day ½ hour before meals.

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