Ole Hansen, Prostate Cancer

From: Ole Hansen
Email: vikingart007@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 October 2012 01:46
Subject: Re: Budwig Guide Download Links To: “links@budwigcenter.com” links@budwigcenter.com

Dear Sir/Madam.

I sincerely thank you for your outstanding help and assistance. The Budwig diet already reduced my PSA level from 29 to 8. Last year an Australian Urologist told me, that I would be dead mid this year, unless I accepted a dangerous biopsy and following intravenous chemo. Not knowing, that chemo according to Europian Scientists, many years ago was proven to have NO effect what so ever. I am Danish born, and educated as a Lab. Technician in Karolinska Research Instute and Hospital In Stockholm. Now live in Australia. Unfortunately Australia is 35 years behind Europe in cancer treatment. I will follow additional advice from your new book, and monitor my testicular lump status. Again, THANK SO MUCH.

Kind regards
Ole Hansen (prostate and testicular cancer)