Lung cancer testimonial

Sent: Oct 21, 2016

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins ,

Passed 8th month of her recovery from her cancer, and her body at now is clear, we are very very thankful for your helping and your recommendation, after her recovery from 8 month ago until now she using all of medicine that you recommended such as Vitamin B15 , AHCC , and Aloe Arborescine and at now more less she controlled her diet ( according to budwig protocol ) ,

Thank you very much ,

permission to publish

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2016 1:26 AM
To: Lloyd Jenkins – Budwig Center

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins ,

we are very thankful to you for anything ,
of course we are happy to share our experience to everybody and we recommend Budwig center to anybody that have a serious illness , and i translate your protocol and send it to any Iranian and others that are hopeless and ecc… , you are the best .

we are very very thankful dear Mr.Jenkins.

Thank you again,