Project Description

Vega Test, bioresonance test natural analysis for cancer and tumors

Vega Test, bioresonance test, Budwig Center cancer clinic

When a patient seeks treatment for a certain illness a ‘personalized’ program is proven to produce faster and better results.

The BUDWIG CENTER uses German technology VEGA Energy Frequency Bio-Resonance equipment to test the natural, food and herb based remedies that your body will respond to and at the same time, the dosage that your body can tolerate.

Information about VEGA TEST


The VEGA TEST will help determine where your health issues begin and at the same time will verify all aspects of your health such as the major organs (i.e. heart, lungs, liver, brain gallbladder, etc), the backbone, teeth, tendons, hormones. Also parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria, Candida, infections as well as one’s emotional state of health could be major contributing causes to one’s illnesses and these can also be detected and treated.

This VEGA test is done on all our patients that come to the clinic. For ones that cannot come or for follow up tests we can also provide this personalized treatment using a urine or hair/finger and toe nail sample. VEGA test will pick up the DNA and preform the test even when the person is not present.

We know everyone has their own personal finger print and eye ‘print’ that is unique to them and in fact each one of us has a unique ‘energy signature’ in the universe, there is no one else exactly like you…. This is known as Quantum Physics.

From an energetic standpoint, the human body, when weakened or shifted from equilibrium, oscillates at a different and less harmonious frequency than when healthy. This abnormal frequency reflects a general state of cellular energetic imbalance within the physical body. When a weakened individual is unable to shift his/her energetic mode to the needed frequency (which allows their immune system to properly defend the body) a certain amount of subtle energetic help may be needed. If this same individual is supplied with a dose of the needed energetic frequency, it allows the cellular bioenergetic systems to resonate in the proper vibrational mode, thereby throwing off the toxicities of the illness.

Utilizing the VEGA Machine, the patient is linked through his/her accupoint meridian interface with the needed subtle energetic frequency. A resonance effect occurs between the patient (or the urine or hair sample that has the DNA “signature” of the patient) and the circuitry. In the case of the VEGA Machine, individual frequencies are tested one at a time by placing a small portion of substance of a particular subtle energetic frequency into the circuit – the patient is exposed to a particular energetic frequency. The only energetic frequency which has diagnostic significance is one which resonates with a relevant biological frequency of the organism being tested. The VEGA will measure variation in electrical outputs on voltmeter readout from an acupuncture point.

The Vega test done in person is done sitting next to the machine, connected to it and can take about 1 hour to be thorough enough.

How to send us your urine or hair sample?

Vega Test, bioresonance test, Budwig Center cancer clinic, urine or hair sample

We need about 2 tablespoons of urine and it should be the first urine of the morning. You would urinate in a measuring cup and then pour into a test tube. Fill it only about 75% full in case of freezing in transport Please make sure the lid is tightly sealed and compactly placed in bubble wrap.
You may send a hand full of hair 3 grams (1/2 ounce). The hair (from anywhere on your body) is placed in small plastic bag and if possible clip along with your fingernails and toenails all together into a small plastic bag.


The postal services and especially courier services will not allow you to ship urine so you must not declare it as such but rather add an item like a scarf or handkerchief. In such cases send us only the hair and fingernail and toenail clippings.

What is resonance?

Vega Test, bioresonance test, Budwig Center cancer clinic

Resonance is a phenomenon which occurs throughout nature. At the level of the atom, we know that electrons whirl about the nucleus in certain energetically defined orbits. In order to move an electron from a lower to a higher orbit, a quantum of energy with very special frequency characteristics is required.

An electron will only accept energy of the appropriate frequency to move from one energy level to another.

If the electron falls from the higher to the lower orbit, it will radiate energy of that very same frequency. This required atomic frequency is referred to as the “resonant frequency.”

The phenomenon of resonance is the principle behind the imaging systems of MRI and EMR scanning. Atoms and molecules have special resonant frequencies that will only be excited by energies of very precise vibratory characteristics. For instance, the singer who is able to shatter a wine glass by delivering a high amplitude note does so by singing in the precise resonant frequency of the glass.

In preparation for the Vega test or collecting a sample

Shipping instructions

Also we would need you to complete our HEALTH EVALUATION (not by hand but using a computer so it will be very legible). If you have already sent us that we will need a NEW updated Health Report each time.  Complete, print out and include it in with the samples.  We will also need the same Health Evaluation form sent to us by email, to

Send this envelope to: BUDWIG CENTER, Att: MANUEL, Phone +34 952 577 369
C/ Huescar # 5, Edificio Galaxia, Local 11, Planta 1, Malaga 29007 (Malaga) Spain