Lymphoma Testimonials

Endre Kvia, Lymphoma

Endre Kvia, Lymphoma

From: Endre Kvia
Sent: martes, 22 de julio de 2014 13:00
To: Budwig Center
Subject: Re: Lymph Node cancer

Hi Lloyd, Just a little update from me:

I have moved to Australia with my family and we are enjoying a new start to life after a turbulent time last year. Since October the cancer in my lymph nodes (left axilla) have all shrunk and almost disappeared. I have one main one that used to be the size of a plum is now down to a small raisin. Also my energy levels are better and I enjoy most of life’s activities including working half time. The Budwig center gave me a great start to the healing and I have stayed on the path with some variations. I tick all the 9 boxes in the article by the way. My motto was not to leave a stone unturned. And here I am (almost two years after the grim prognosis from my doctors) with ever increasing health and vitality. The main themes in my healing has been changing diet, connecting with spirit, finding and trusting my intuition and releasing old negative thoughts and programs. Regards and gratitude to all of you at the Budwig center.


Endre Kvia

Isabel, Lymphoma

Isabel, Lymphoma

From: Isabel Demaret Leuf []
Sent: lunes, October 14 2013 15:08
To: Lloyd Jenkins PhD
Subject: Re: FW: Budwig Center Help for Isabel’s son. My son made it, he IS free of his cancer

Hello Mr Lloyd Jenkins,

“My son made it! He is now free of his cancer thanks to the Diet and your help! My son changed his diet within 2 weeks and stuck to the diet. After about 2 months the doctors removed the lymph node which was first noticed by his collarbone. When first noticed it was 3 cm long, about 1,5 weeks before this biopsy I couldn’t find it and when the doctor came afterwards he said that he had had to dig for it and it was only 7-8 mm in diameter AND the Doctors said “ NO CANCER CELLS Of course the doctors were confused and in a panic scheduled another biopsy, to be taken of a tumor in my son’s lung. They said that there was a tumor easily accessible. But, when they X-rayed him it didn’t look like it had 2,5 moths earlier, so they had to look for another tumor that was big enough to take a biopsy from. They found one, but in the afternoon they told us that they couldn’t find any cancer cells there either In late August they did a follow up X-ray (Datortomografi). In the letter we got it said that “everything looks almost completely normal now” and that the “stable in healing” (translation here is difficult). They are assuming that it was a large infection, even though the first fine needle biopsy had shown Hodgkin’s. My son and I believe that it was cancer due to other factors. My son and I are very happy. And we are very grateful for your help with regards to the diet. Cook books are not written the same way in England/USA as they are in Sweden, and I don’t only mean the many interpretations of peppar Thank you again and I hope we can come and visit someday Warmest regards Isabel”

Isabel Demaret Leuf

Wilfried S., Lymphoma

Wilfried S., Lymphoma

Name: Wilfried S.
Age: 70
Medical condition: Lymphoma (Diabetic)

Thank you for being such a good doctor to me in my fight against cancer. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010, the tests showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes in my right groin. My oncologist said there is no cure or treatment for now as studies showed the survival rate was the same for patients who received chemo/radiation to those who did not and that she would consider treatments once I had symptoms/pain. I was lucky to be diagnosed early and that I didn’t have to have chemo/radiation. With my wife’s knowledge of alternative medicine, I was lucky to immediately find the Budwig Center, started on the Budwig Diet and followed your anti-cancer program of adding enzymes and detoxification. Our two week stay at your clinic convinced us that we were doing the right thing and felt confident in the benefits provided by you and your program. Now a year later, my tests show only two tumors with the largest being half the size, consistent with a 65% drop in my Navarro results. I feel good, intend to follow your program and feel lucky to be under your good care.


Last Mail form Wilfried, Jan 2012

Doctors find no more cancer and Wilfred is on a maintenance dosage with the Budwig Center.

Wilfried S.

Gabriel Orea , Lymphoma

Gabriel Orea , Lymphoma

Name: Gabriel Orea
Age: 44 year old Mexican Male
Medical condition: Diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma grade 2.
From: Gabriel Orea []
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011 12:45 AM
Subject: Re: Congratulations on your “complete remission”

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Please feel free to publish my experience and quote me. I will also be happy to answer any specific question from you, if you want to provide more information on my case. I have no problem even showing my PET scan pictures and other specific info. I am convinced that the natural treatments are making a huge difference in my treatment and my hope is that my lymphoma won’t come back as long as I follow all the recommendations regarding the suppression of cancer sources and the strengthening of my immune system and general health. Apart from your program I also added three mushroom extracts, which I believe are very powerful (Maitake, Chaga, and Lingzhi). ..This week my second PET Scan showed “almost complete remission,” so that is very encouraging. I have faithfully following the regime I learned with you, in tandem with chemo.

Victoria is doing better, I think the iodine is helping. Thanks for the new document! I will soon have a look. Gabriel.
Last Mail from Gabriel Orea

From: Gabriel Orea []
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011 11:56 AM
Subject: remission supplement intake

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Now I am “officially” in cancer remission. My last chemo round just ended this week. My tumor levels are considered “normal” now but of course I need the tumor cells to remain low and inactive. I am paying attention to others aspects of life as well, as I learned from you.

Many thanks,
Gabriel Orea.

Gabriel Orea

Ron Pendleton, Lymphoma

Ron Pendleton, Lymphoma

Name: Ron Pendleton
Date: Jan 2009
Medical condition: Stage 4 Lymph tumors

I am the spouse of a stage 4 cancer patient, who, for the last month, has been on the Budwig regimen, with other supplements.

Our doctors pursued us unmercifully to “get with the program” as we had gone through all the prelims for chemo/rad (surgery not an option). Hubby did one chemo and some rads and said, “no more–this FEELS so WRONG to my body”. Me, being a believer in “the doctor’s always right and knows more” mentality, panicked and thought he’d just signed his death warrant. We must have had no less than ten phone calls from the “medical establishment” saying where was he?

I found the Budwig protocol, and we went with that and the other protocols that have shown good results. Completely raw food diet. The outcome? Ron’s lymph nodes are almost back to normal, he’s at his ideal weight, and is healthier with GLOWING skin! This is a man of 68, who used to have a weak immune system. He’s buffed it up with alkaline eating, and the barley supplements along with other stuff. He practices the martial art of aikido, and can go for three hours without getting tired. It’s amazing how much energy he has.

I’m a believer!!! I only wish I had this information for my father, who died in 1998 of melanoma. He went with the traditional routes of surgery and radiation. It was bloody awful.

Elin Pendleton []

Ron Pendleton