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Most of the vitamin C you buy in the store is made with corn. This is a problem as almost all corn has now been genetically modified. Also, many Vitamin C brands contain ascorbic acid, which is not a natural substance and often causes stomach discomfort. Dr. Budwig, also discouraged the consumption of high doses of artificial Vitamin C and instead encouraged her patients to obtain it from a totally natural food source instead of in a pill form.

Now you can do it like Grandma did and make your own natural and pure vitamin C basically free of charge! In the good old days before food supplements were so common, people found a clever way to make their own natural vitamin C using orange and lemon peels that are normally thrown into the garbage.

How to Make Your Own Vitamin C

Step 1 Wash the citrus fruit in hot water and gently scrub with a vegetable brush, to remove the wax coating. Organic citrus fruit doesn’t always have this wax coating.

Step 2  Peel off the rind before eating or juicing your fruit. Try not to get too much of the white part of the rind because it’s bitter. Use a swivel vegetable peeler ( y-shaped ) for the task, results in thin parings of citrus rind with none of the bitter pith. Avoid using a knife, it is much harder to get the same results.

Step 3 – Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and fill the sheet with the lemon or orange rinds. Don’t overlap them too much.
Keep in mind that the peels contain live enzymes that will help your body digest and absorb all of the nutrients of the peels.

Step 4 Now take the prepared citrus rind and lay skin side down, in a single layer on a baking tray. Leave the citrus rinds to air dry for a day or two until dry and crisp. Or bake in an oven at the lowest temperature until the rinds are dry are curled. Drying the citrus rinds can take anywhere between one and two hours, depending on how low the temperature of your oven can go. Aim for about 50C/122F setting or lower by propping the oven door open with a wooden spoon. Once the citrus rinds feel dry and crisp to the touch, they are done.

Step 5 – Finely grind the dried rinds in a spice or coffee grinder or a Thermo Mix or VitaMix or with a mortar and pestle. As long as the powdered zest is completely dry, it should last for about a year. Store it in the refrigerator to prolong the shelf life.

For a point of reference, one medium-sized orange makes slightly less than one tablespoon of powdered citrus zest.

How to Use the Ground Dried Citrus Peels

  • Add a few dried peels to your cup of black tea or green tea
  • Add to marinades and dressings, infusing them with citrus flavours.
  • When you make a fruit salad, add some dried pieces of lemon and orange to marinate with the fruit for a few hours, removing them before serving.
  • Add some zest to plain drinking water by adding some dried lemon, which gives a slight citrus taste.
  • When roasting fish, meat, poultry or vegetables, throw in a few pieces of the dried citrus rind into the roasting pan to add a citrus note to the food…such as lemon with white fish, orange with salmon, lemon with lamb and chicken, orange with duck and orange with carrots and pumpkin.

True you do not know who much Vitamin C you are actually consuming, but high doses are not needed nor encouraged under the BUDWIG food plan.

One rounded teaspoon will supply you with more organic vitamin C complex, rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids than your body will need for the day, regardless of your size. And this home-made citrus peel powder mixed in your blender with some fresh organic apple juice tastes great too.

Vitamin C and Transfer Factors – The Perfect Combination

If you want to enhance your immune system even more, take 3 capsules of Transfer Factors first thing in the morning.

Would you like to sail through the season of colds and the flu and not get sick? When you are tired and run down would you like an all-natural pill that will raise your energy within 20 minutes? Transfer Factors will do just that and more.

Transfer FactorsColostrum is a clear substance that greatly enhances the immune system of a newborn baby. Transfer Factors are derived from the colostrum molecules.

As nature first supplement, these memory molecules transfer immune experience to educate and prepare the newborns immune system to function in the world. Transfer factors provide information so immune cells can do their jobs faster and more effectively.

Transfer Factors are abundant in nature and made from chicken egg yolks and cow colostrum and will help your immune system as follows:

Helps immune cells quickly recognize invading pathogens or other potential threats.
Aids the immune system to respond quickly after an invader has been identified.
Enables your body to remember how to tackle each problem your immune system encounters, so your body knows exactly what to do the next time.

Dosage: Take 2 to 4 Transfer Factors capsules at any time with food or between meals when you feel a cold or flu coming on. Also when travelling or feeling run down take up to 10 per day, 4 at a time to keep you immune system at peak level. Natural Vitamin C and Transfer Factors are an excellent combination for a strong, robust immune system.

Do you make your own Vitamin C? Why not share your knowledge with us via our Facebook page.

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