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Free Downloads

Below you will find a list of our latest free downloadable guides, further information about our programs and the opportunity to contact us if you require a medical consultation.

Just click on the link to open and read or download to your computer. If for any reason you are unable to view or download these files, please send an email to webmaster@budwigcenter.com and the file you would like to receive.

DOWNLOAD – Free “Dr. Budwig’s Answer to Cancer” Report and FREE Monthly Newsletter

The Dr. BUDWIG ANSWER TO CANCER Report will give you the basic understanding of her Anti-Cancer program and how to make the famous Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese (Quark) mixture. In addition each month more FREE research on the Dr. Budwig approach, useful health tips, news, recipes, articles and more, will be sent to you in our monthly Newsletter. (Opens in new window).

** Please note however that the official Dr. Budwig Clinical Guide with all recipes and information on her therapies and remedies is only available to people who enroll in our Clinical or Home programs.


DOWNLOAD – Information on Budwig Cancer Clinic 1 week Silver or 2 week Gold Programs

If you are interested in visiting the Budwig Center here in Spain for one of our clinical programs, please click on the option below to download further information.

silver-program     gold-program


DOWNLOAD – Information on Budwig Home Distance Program (If you cannot come to our Cancer Clinic in Southern Spain)

Please click on any of the following home distance packages to download further information.

programA  programB  programC  programa-d


DOWNLOAD – Information on Budwig HEALTH RECOVERY PROGRAM (for all illnesses other than cancer)

If you have a medical condition other than cancer, please click the button below to download further information.


DOWNLOAD – Our free 128 page HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE (for all illnesses other than cancer)

This free 128 page guide is for those who do not have cancer, but another common illness that they would like to treat naturally.


MEDICAL CONSULTATION – Please call me for a medical consultation and to discuss my situation

Please note that we will only phone people that have cancer. Also please provide us with a phone number (i.e. Cell / Mobile) where we can reach you easily, as we will only phone you once and if there is no answer, we will not call back. In which case, you will need to contact the owner of the BUDWIG CENTER, Lloyd Jenkins, ND on his personal email with any questions you might have, which is: Budwig@BudwigCenter.eu