Cancer prevention, would it be Beneficial to take Flaxseed Oil or linseed oil on Its Own?

Cancer prevention, Flaxseed Oil, linseed oil

Dr. Budwig knew that cancer patients, in general, needed more energy. She found that fresh and pressed flaxseed oil provided her patients with the energy they needed.  According to her research, this is the only food that contains the carbon chain with three (3) double bonds.  However, she discovered that you could not get the full benefits of flaxseeds and linseed oil just by taking it on its own.  Dr. Budwig applied her background in chemistry and fats to the problem and finally discovered that she could deliver the energizing benefits of this flaxseed oil very quickly into the blood stream by blending it with Quark (German Cottage cheese) with 1 ½ tablespoons of milk.  She gave this mixture, which she called ‘muesli’, to her patients twice a day, once at breakfast and then again at noon.

Linseed oil for cancer prevention and as natural treatment

Therefore, the best way to consume linseed or flaxseed oil is mixed with 6 tablespoons of cottage cheese (Quark) 2% low-fat or less and 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil. Also, you could replace the quark with 6 tablespoons of Whey if you have some intolerance to the ‘casein’ in the cottage cheese.