Before your trip to Spain, all the things you need to know during your stay for one of our programs

Please read this part carefully in preparation for your trip to Spain

To come directly to the clinic use this address:
C/ Compositor Lemberg Ruiz, 5 Ed. Galaxia 1st Floor # 11 Postal Code 29007 Málaga
EDIFICIO GALAXIA – (alado de la Seguridad Social y el Corte Inglés Pequeño)
BUDWIG CENTER – Telf: 664 174 281

If you come by car you could park in Public Parking right next to the Galaxia Building then Julia will take you to your apartment.

If you wnat to see our appartments, see the appartments page on the main menu

NOTE: Our Cancer Center is a day-time clinic and we do not have our medical and regular staff working 24/7. Therefore we do not accept patients that are bedridden, very weak and in constant need of medical attention. It is always best to have someone from the family or a friend come with you for company and moral support, even if you are in general good condition as some find they are somewhat overwhelmed by the trip, all the new things they need to do, dealing with Spanish labelled products and the language outside the clinic, etc (The Budwig Center staff speaks, English, French, Spanish and Russian)